Wow: faster than expected! Message Wagon Märklin X Jean-Michel Basquiat sold out

We are overwhelmed and very happy about the great interest in our Message Wagons. The Jean-Michel Basquiat edition sold out even faster than the Keith Haring edition.

If you were not able to receive a wagon today: We are already working on the next edition. If you are registered for our newsletter, you will be informed in time when they are available.

Additional information for our UK Collectors:

We are still awaiting information from the UK tax authorities. This still prevents us from making deliveries to end customers in the UK. However, as we would like to offer you the opportunity to reserve these sought-after collectibles, you can also place orders and pay for them as soon as they’re released. We would like to point out, however, that the delivery could still take some time.


Anyone who has followed the media closely in recent years has been unable to avoid one topic: “Black lives matter”. It is representative of the zeitgeist of an anti-discriminatory attitude that is making its way in free societies. Jean-Michel Basquiat discussed this topic in public as early as the 1980s.

“Jean-Michel Basquiat is not only one of the most famous modern artists of the twentieth century – as a brand he still embodies the values and mindset of a young generation shaped by an urban culture.”

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