• Maerklin 39699

Special model to support the victims of the flood disaster in July 2021 - sold out!

Thank you very much for your help! - we are overwhelmed by the helpfulness of the Märklin friends. The entire quantity of the donation locomotive is already sold out. We are very pleased about this and would like to thank you on behalf of the people in the flooded areas who will benefit from the donation.

In the course of our offer on Friday July 30th 21 we received inquiries, about the amount we would donate. It is therefore important to us to make it clear here that we will donate the entire net proceeds (= sales price 499.00 € minus VAT) of this action. In this way, no less than 210,000 € have been collected. We will announce the use of the donations shortly.


IMPORTANT:  this locomotive is a custom-made product that we have to produce first and will be delivered in November 2021. To help immediately, our offer was that buyers order this railcar fixed and pay directly using one of the payment options offered here. I.e. after immediate payment by credit card or PayPal, buyers will then receive their locomotive in November 2021.

Presentation Showcase

The special edition to support those
affected by the flood disaster in July 2021 in a presentation showcase

This way you can be happy twice: once about the good feeling of having helped people in an emergency and secondly when you hold your special locomotive in your hands in the fall.

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